DX-860G Firmware Update

January 2007.

Sea & Sea has had reports that a small number of DX-860G digital cameras, (Part Numbers: SS-06550, SS-06563) are not able to fire certain YS series strobes under the correct strobe pre-flash mode settings as outlined in the user manual.

If your camera does not fire your Sea & Sea YS series strobe please take the following steps to dowload and update your DX-860G camera firmware:

You will need the following items to proceed:

  • DX-860G Camera
  • Fully charged Battery
  • Formatted SD Card
  • USB Cable for DX-860G

Firmware Update Instructions

  • Download the following zip file: DX-860G Firmware Update
  • Once download is complete, decompress the file and save onto your desktop or a specific location such as "My Documents", the file downloaded is: camc8.elf.
  • Insert the SD card into your camera (if not done prior).
  • Attach the DX-860G camera via the USB cable to your computer and Turn ON the DX-860G Camera.
  • Locate the Camera and SD card drive location under "My Computer".
  • Copy the downloaded file: camc8.elf to the route directory of the DX-860G's SD Card.
  • Turn the DX-860G camera OFF and remove the USB cable from the camera.
  • Depress "OK/Menu" Button and while holding depress "Power" Button for 2-3 seconds.
  • As you depress the "OK/Menu" Button release the "Power" Button when the LED indicator light begins to blink green and then release the "OK/Menu" Button.
  • The firmware will be loaded in approximately 60 seconds and the LED indicator will no longer flash. The camera will automatically turn OFF.
  • Once completed, turn Power ON, Format SD Card and proceed with normal use.


It is recommended to test the DX-860G camera's update with your Sea & Sea YS series strobe on the appropriate settings. The YS strobe should now fire without issue.

If you require further assistance, please email seaandsea@tusa.com or contact the Sea & Sea Service Center located at the top of this page.

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