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MDX-D810 Housing for Nikon D810 Camera
MDX-A6000 Housing for Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera
YS-03 Strobe
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Industry's First Internal Optical YS Converter
How to Fit Your Internal Optical YS Converter

New Product Release
MDX-RX100 III Housing
SEA&SEA's MDX-RX100 III will be a unique addition to the underwater housing line-up, while maintaining SEA&SEA's signature advanced craftsmanship. This compact black housing will be constructed from black galvanized corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, resulting in a sturdy protective structure. To avoid electrolysis damage, the housing is equipped with two zinc diodes attached to the front and rear case. The MDX-RX100 III will conveniently allow the built-in flash to be activated from the housing, providing the photographer with a progressive photography session.
SEA&SEA's state-of-the-art MDX-RX100 III (SS-06171) underwater housing is now available.
Extension Ring 46 with Focus Knob
Extension Ring 46 with Focus Knob, provides manual focus for compatible zoom lenses. (Extension ring equipped with port lock).
Fiber-Optic Cable II
The best quality Fiber-Optic Cable is composed of 613 fibers (cores). Even when the cable is bent, attenuation of light is minimal. Therefore, the light signal will be transmitted to a strobe without loss. Compared with single fiber cables , the Fiber-Optic Cable II is more resistant to distortion, bending and physical impact.

Optical YS-Converter - First in the Industry

The Internal Optical YS Converter offers the functionality of a Sync Cord system while simultaneously offering the benefits of a Fiber Optic system by converting the camera's TTL signal into a light signal. This design reduces possible leak points by eliminating the use of threaded bulkheads while allowing for rapid fire and a reduced recycle time by linking directly to the camera through the hot shoe. Conserving camera battery life, this system also prevents the camera from overheating. Compatible with the SEA&SEA MDX-70D, MDX-D7100 and RDX-100D housings, this converter meets the growing demand for security, accuracy, and reliability with leading innovation. Raising the bar for housing accessories, the Internal Optical YS Converter will liberate underwater photographers while keeping them worry-free. Click here for more info.

Housing for High-End Digital Compact Camera SONY RX100/RX100II

SEA&SEA is proud to introduce the new MDX-RX100/II underwater housing, designed for the Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 and RX100 II Compact Digital Camera. Bringing 41 years of precision engineering to the market, the MDX-RX100/II underwater housing is designed to utilize all features of RX100 and RX100 II Compact Digital Camera with accuracy and ease, making it the housing of choice for the avid underwater photographer.  Providing rugged protection, the MDX-RX100/II underwater housing is machined from solid block, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and then galvanized for corrosion resistance. All edges are carefully polished to ensure it can survive even the harshest conditions. With a depth rating of 100m/330ft, this housing is ideal for tech diving. Click here for more info.

Scuba Show Long Beach 2014
Scuba Show Long Beach 2014 was a success! The SEA&SEA booth was constantly busy with the show visitors. This show gave a chance for divers to physically experience the MDX-RX-100II camera housing, for Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX-100II/100 Digital Cameras, as well as the industry’s first Internal Optical YS Converter.

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