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Industry's First Internal Optical YS Converter
SEA&SEA YS-D2 Strobe

New Product Release

YS-D2 Strobe

The SEA&SEA YS-D2 Strobe offers exclusive features like no other strobe in the world. Keeping with the same great performance specs as the YS-D1, the YS-D2 has added Audible Confirmation providing TTL confirmation and ready light confirmation. The YS-D2 also features a rear glowing panel with easy to read controls.

YS-D2 Strobe (SS-03117) is Available Now.

MDX-EM5 MK II Housing

The newest addition to SEA&SEA’s mirrorless class family: the MDX-EM5 MK ll Underwater Housing for the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark ll Mirrorless Digital Camera is Available Now. To manage the essential controls of the Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark ll, this precision engineered housing has SEA&SEA Housing’s fundamental features including ergonomically re-designed levers, a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy body, and a movable focus and zoom gear.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Japan, the MDX-EM5 MK II is Available Now.

RDX-750D Housing

The RDX-750D is a precision-engineered housing that allows for operation of the Canon EOS Rebel T6i camera’s essential controls. The RDX-750D is ergonomically designed and crafted from high performance and sustainable polycarbonate material. The housing features Optical Viewfinder 0.5x, and is compatible with the VF180 1.2x viewfinder. It is also equipped two Fiber-optic cable sockets.

RDX-750D (SS-06178) is Available Now.

MDX-a7II Housing

SEA&SEA's latest mirrorless housing, the MDX-a7II for Sony Alpha a7II Mirrorless Digital Camera, is unmatched in its class. The ergonomical and full-featured MDX-a7II housing allows for operation of the Sony Alpha a7II camera’s essential controls in a low profile design. Using the newly developed ML-NX Conversion Ring 30, the MDX-a7II housing is compatible with all of SEA&SEA’s premier NX ports in addition to the popular ML Ports.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Japan, the MDX-a7II (SS-06176) underwater housing is Available Now.

Click here for more about the SEA&SEA Ports.

MDX-a6000 Housing

The MDX-a6000 is SEA&SEA's first housing for a mirrorless digital camera. This addition to the SEA&SEA MDX underwater housing line-up adds unique variety for underwater photographers. Constructed from black galvanized corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, the MDX-a6000 is a sturdy protective structure for the Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera. A depth rating of 100m/330ft provides versatility to any underwater photographer.

SEA&SEA's rock solid structural design for the MDX-a6000 (SS-06172) underwater housing opens the door to a new revolutionary class of underwater imaging. Available Now.

MDX-D810 Housing

The MDX-D810 housing for Nikon D810 cameras offers new innovations to the field of underwater photography, showcasing a sturdy and protective housing for the Nikon D810 while utilizing all of its features. The MDX-D810 showcases SEA&SEA's attention to detail, as almost all functions of the camera can be used underwater and come installed with SEA&SEA's leak sensor, providing an alert upon any water entry. The newly designed ergonomic controls for the MDX-D810 were improved including a movable focus/zoom gear allowing a lens with a big diameter to be mounted easily in the housing.

The MDX-D810 (SS-06173) is compatible with SEA&SEA's signature, industry exclusive Internal Optical YS-Converter, making it easier to shoot underwater than ever before. Available Now.

Optical YS-Converter - First in the Industry

The Internal Optical YS Converter offers the functionality of a Sync Cord system while simultaneously offering the benefits of a Fiber Optic system by converting the camera's TTL signal into a light signal. This design reduces possible leak points by eliminating the use of threaded bulkheads while allowing for rapid fire and a reduced recycle time by linking directly to the camera through the hot shoe.

Conserving camera battery life, this system also prevents the camera from overheating. Compatible with the SEA&SEA MDX-D810, MDX-5DMKIII-Ver.2, MDX-7DMKII, MDX-70D, MDX-D7100 and RDX-100D housings, this converter meets the growing demand for security, accuracy, and reliability with leading innovation. Raising the bar for housing accessories, the Internal Optical YS Converter will liberate underwater photographers while keeping them worry-free.

Click here for more info.

DEMA Show 2015

At DEMA Show 2015 (Nov. 4 - 7, 2015, Orlando, FL), SEA&SEA showcased many current and new products including: SLX-2000/3000/4000, RDX-750D, MDX-a7II, MDX-EM5 MKII, and YS-D2 Strobe. With a variety of new and current products prominently displayed at the SEA&SEA booth, many people had a chance to have a hands-on experience with SEA&SEA's underwater housings and strobes.

DiveNewsWire | DivePhotoGuide | Bluewater Photo | Mexican Diver Magazine
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SEA&SEA Alpha Impressions

SEA&SEA Alphas recently tried their hands on SEA&SEA YS-03 Universal Lighting System and MDX-RX100/II Housing, and talked about their impressions of SEA&SEA products..

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